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VMB-433 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Four Thirty-Three


Naval Aviator's Wings

Unit Awards

Summary:  VMB-433 was commissioned on 15 September 1943 at Cherry Point, NC.  The squadron received initial training at Cherry Point and Peterfield Point, NC.  Upon completion, the squadron joined MarFAirWest on 27 January 1944 and continued their training syllabus at El Centro, CA.  By 26 May 1944 the ground echelon was underway, bound for the Northern Solomons.  The following day the flight echelon departed, arriving at Ewa on 1 June 1944.  After staging through Palmyra, Canton, Funafuti and Espiritu Santo, the squadron arrived on Green Island 14 July 1944 for temporary duty with MAG-14.  One month later, the squadron had redeployed, and both echelons were operating at Emirau with MAG-61.  On 16 August 1945, VMB433 departed Emirau for Titcomb Field at Malabang in the Philippines, arriving there just as war ended.  VMB-443 was decommissioned at Miramar, CA on 30 November 1945 following the squadron's return to the United States.

Commanding Officers:

Major John G. Adams

15 Sep 1943 - 22 Apr 1945

Lieutenant Colonel Winton H. Miller

23 Apr - 23 May 1945

Major Boyd O. Whitney

24 May - 16 Jul 1945

Major Andrew G. Smith

17 Jul - 30 Nov 1945

Awards:  American Campaign; Asiatic-Pacific Campaign w/2 bronze stars, and; World War II Victory.

Aircraft Operated Overseas:  PBJ-1C; PBJ-1D, and; PBJ-1J.

Aircraft Loses:  1 Operational; 2 Combat.


First Lieutenant William J. Morgan

28 February 1944

Private First Class Billy G. Saferight

26 March 1944

First Lieutenant Charles L. Ingels

2 September 1944

First Lieutenant Richard R. Graves

2 September 1944

Staff Sergeant John D. Hughes

2 September 1944

Sergeant Stanley G. Stark

2 September 1944

Corporal George R. Johnson

2 September 1944

Corporal Leonard G. Klinger

2 September 1944

First Lieutenant Eric E. Terry Jr.

11 September 1944

Staff Sergeant Leo S. Pralat

11 September 1944

First Lieutenant Glen H. Ulrich

4 December 1944

First Lieutenant Donald R. Harpley

27 February 1945

Master Technical Sergeant Edward W. Trudnowski

27 February 1945

Sergeant Andrew W. Pasterniak

27 February 1945

Corporal Wallace Gregel

27 February 1945

Corporal Frank R. Lacy Jr.

27 February 1945

Private First Class Donald V. Holtz

27 February 1945






















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